Alliance Wheel Services

302 West Holland Street

Washington, Illinois 61571

Phone: (309) 444-4334

Fax: (309) 481-0449

  • HISTORY: The concept of Alliance Wheel Services began as the result of an unforunate incident that occured at this facility in early 2009. The main building of the railroad wheel, axle, and air brake facililty that had served the railroad industry under the name of American Allied Railway Equipment Company for over 40 years, and then operated under the name of Greenbrier Rail Services as their highest production wheel shop for a year and a half, burned to the ground. That company decided to move the remaining assets of the facility to an out of State location, thus idling some 40 to 50 highly skilled and trained employees. The people who had managed the facility for both American Allied Railway and Greenbrier Rail determined to rebuild the facility and put as many of those loyal employees back to work as possible, thus forming Alliance Wheel Services LLC to accomplish that goal. Beginning wheel and axle mounting and reconditioning operations again at this facility in 2010, Alliance Wheel Services has grown to employ and re-employ over 30 excellent employees, many of whom have worked decades at this facility. We supply AAR approved and M-1003 certified new and reconditioned material to a number of United States Railroads as well as numerous railway car repair and maintenance facilities.